Wooden Cave – Khách sạn thiên nhiên nhền nhện

Wooden Cave, the Natural Greek Hotel Suite ⇒ The Wooden Cave suite is part of the Hyades Mountain Resort in the village of Trikala Korinthias, which is located on Mount Kyllini, in Greece.

With 1,100 meters of altitude, this suite features not only impressive landscape views, but a stunning interior as well, as it is made with over 1000 pieces of hand-cut spruce wood creating a cave-like structure.

Tenon Architecture, the studio responsible for the Wooden Cave, split the suite in two spaces distinguished by their different finishes. One of the side is composed of soft, gently curved furniture and walls that provide a sense of comfort, as the second half has a more traditional and serious design.

“This division intends to create a clear distinction between the hard, ‘protective’ shell and the curved, ‘inviting’ interior, reminiscent of the form of a cave that has been used as a refuge and a haven throughout human existence,” explained the studio.

Created with the help of an algorithm-based programme to determine the exact measures and shapes needed to create the Wooden Cave, the project turned out successful and unique.