The Maker is spcialized in luxury furniture. We do custom made furniture for architects, planners and interior designers in Vietnam and all over the world. Everyday, we experience beauty being born from our hands, we are awared that we aren’t just making furniture: we are creating a vision.



We do not do much…just the impossible. Starting from detailed design including every single screw or from simple sketches, we create designs that feasible and personalized with innovative solutions and absolute care for every detail. We handle all ambitious projects, such as luxury villas, governmental project, hotels, restaurants . We are proud of every product coming out from our workshop:

MADE by hand


From carving to welding, all details of our custom luxury furniture come from the skilled hands of artisans who has more than 15 years experience.

MADE in Vietnam – Italian quality

With more than 15 years experience working with European and American clients, we understand all quality expectation.

Here we follow every piece, step by step, to a complete, functional, and accurate furnishing element.

MADE just for you​

Impossibile doesn’t exist for us: we satisfy every request, even the more complicated ones, realizing custom furniture and accessories, and sometimes even creating the tools needed to build them. 

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